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Mixed River helps businesses define their future. Our holographic training platforms prepare your organization for complex, real-world situations quickly, safely and efficiently.

What We Do.

Mastery is achieved through repetition. That repetition is necessary before you step onto the gridiron, the operating room, or the battlefield. With our real-size, interactive, holographic experiences, those reps can be gained anytime, anywhere.


We’re with you through every step of the process: ideation and strategy, technical consulting and content creation, and finally, full application development. The results are custom products and digital platforms that deliver real-world results.

  • We transform training and practice

  • We accelerate team performance

  • We create operational improvements


Tell us your goals and where you want to go. From there, our experts will collaborate with you to create an experience that will get you the results you want, with a fully immersive holographic training platform.


Our guiding design principle is taking a complex problem and finding a simple, transformative solution. Because every partner has unique needs, each of our products are custom built. We work closely with our partners to help them realize their vision and exceed their expectations.


Our holographic training platforms bring data into reality. The potential applications of our technology are limitless–our expertise can take your vision into the future. If you can dream it, we’ll make it a reality.

Reach Out

Tell us who you are and what you need. We want to provide you with concrete results and help you take the next step. Get in touch.

Who We Are.

MixedRiver was founded in 2016 to provide world-class virtual, mixed, and augmented Reality products and services to our business partners. Today, we create innovate digital platforms that are transforming the training process for diverse fields such as medicine, manufacturing, and public safety. Our combined 30+ years of leadership and industry knowledge gives our customers a critical advantage in an industry that is projected to reach $90 billion by 2020.


Carlson Bull, Chief Experience Officer

Carlson leads Mixed River’s dynamic development team of creative content, programming and usability experts, dedicated to creating cross-reality experiences for partners in fields such as sports, medicine, and the military. Previously, Carlson was CEO and founder of Bully Innovation Group, a creative studio connecting brands to customers through innovative experiences.

Jim Pietila, Chief Executive Officer

Jim leads Mixed River’s account, and operations teams. His leadership ability is fueled by military and corporate experience: he is a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy and a former Marine pilot, as well as the CEO and founder of Pieran LLC. His rock-solid relationships with MixedRiver’s business partners are the company’s foundation.

Bring Your Playbook To Life

The World’s First Holographic Training Platform for Football

PRE-GAME PREP with HoloReps is the next level of immersive, interactive training and game day preparation for professional and college football teams. Players don’t just study and memorize the playbook–they experience it anytime, anywhere.

Whether it is the Digital Walkthrough projection system designed for team practices or the mixed reality HoloReps system that merges holographic players with the practice field, players from any position can step through their playbook or prep for upcoming opponents, gaining mental reps as well as the muscle memory of in-person training.


Football teams never have enough time to get all the necessary reps of hard-to-recreate gameday scenarios.

PRE-GAME PREP is the solution.

Coaches design plays in seconds using their own playbook for formations, defensive fronts, and coverages – and customize them for any opponent. Players can then experience the plays from any angle and in rapid succession – all in a controlled, non-contact environment. No injuries. No wasted training time.

PRE-GAME PREP creates gameday results. Players achieve mastery of the playbook well before kickoff–so when something unexpected happens, they can make quick decisions, and dominate the competition.


  • Experience the game from any player’s perspective
  • Players can practice anywhere, anytime with built-in coaches’ notes
  • Create an unlimited number of fully customizable plays
  • Project life-sized players for walkthroughs
  • Interactive installs and immersive quizzes to accelerate learning
  • Quarterbacks can get full-speed reps with no risk of injury
  • Next Gen Stats (NGS) integration

Contact Us.

Maryland office

Address: 600 Washington Ave, STE 100, Towson MD, 21204
Phone: 240.793.4235
Email: info@mixedriver.com