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MixedRiver helps businesses define their future through the intelligent deployment of leading-edge technologies.

What We Do.

MixedRiver leverages emerging and connective technologies to redefine how businesses and consumers interface.


Our services include ideation and strategy, through technical consulting and content creation, to full application development. The results are original products and applications that connect our digital and physical worlds and deliver value, information and impact to our business partners and their audiences.

  • We transform consumer experiences

  • We establish commercial opportunities

  • We create operational improvements

We Listen

We start by listening to your company’s story, needs, and vision. From there, our experts in mixed reality will work in collaboration with you to bring your ideas into a fully animated 3D vision. Mixed reality brings to life the story of our customers.

We Design

The essence of design is taking a complex problem and making an elegant game changing solution.

Because each of our customers are unique each of our products are custom built. We work closely with our customers to help realize their vision and meet their expectations. This is a field never explored before so each is unique and custom built.

We Bring to Life

Mixed reality technology is cutting edge, interactive 3D holograms brings 2D data to life. The potential uses are limitless, only unlocked by our customers’ visions. If you can dream it, we can help make it a reality.

Get in touch.

MixedRiver leverages emerging and connective technologies to redefine how businesses and consumers interface. Let’s talk so we can learn how we can help you.

Who We Are.

MixedRiver was founded in 2016 to provide world-class Mixed, Virtual and Augmented Reality products and services to our business partners. We create intelligent, high-quality digital products that engage audiences, create operational improvements and generate new value for users and businesses. Our combined 30+ years of intellectual, leadership, and industry knowledge gives our partners a competitive advantage in the industry that is projected to reach 90B by 2020.


Carlson Bull, Chief Experience Officer

Carlson is an entrepreneur CEO and founder of Bully Innovation Group. Carlson leads a dynamic development team of creative content, programming and usability experts in creating digital experiences that blend storytelling and strong user experiences to engage, capture and motivate user participation.

Jim Pietila, Chief Executive Officer

Jim is an entrepreneur CEO and founder of Pieran LLC. Jim pulls from his leadership skills gained at the U.S. Naval Academy, refined as a Marine pilot flying KC-130’s around the world, and evolved as an account executive in one of the largest privately held software companies to lead MixedRiver’s sales, account and operations teams.

Bring Your Playbook To Life

MixedRiver’s PRE-GAME PREP is the future of player training and game day preparation for professional and collegiate football organizations.


PRE-GAME PREP provides an engaging way for football teams to teach, train and mentally prepare players for upcoming games.

The platform brings a playbook to life by translating X’s and O’s drawings into realistic, 3D animated football players that run the proper routes, demonstrate the correct formations and never get tired.

This is the future of training and mental preparation, a true game-changing technology that prepares every player to reach that elite level.


  • Create plays in seconds
  • Fully customizable players
  • Dozens of player movements and stances
  • Multiple playbooks for training sessions
  • Project life-sized for walkthroughs
  • Mixed reality integration (Microsoft HoloLens)
  • Next Gen Stats (NGS) integration


PRE-GAME PREP allows players to visualize and mentally ingest formations and plays for everything from installs and walkthroughs to mental reps for upcoming teams.

Coaches create plays in seconds, view from any angle on the field and customize for any opponent – and all done in a controlled, non-contact environment that maximizes valuable training time.

Teams walk through plays that simulate game day scenarios, creating an environment that engages players and trains them to quickly recognize formations and plays for game day success.

Case Studies.

Mercedes AMG – Mixed Reality Car Configurator

Demonstration of how Mixed Reality can be used to configure a vehicle on a table top and visualize it in your driveway.

The system allows a consumer to choose the car’s color, customize its rims and give it an upgrade package – all while sitting on the couch – and then, walk outside and see how it looks in the driveway.  Voice commands are built in for all customizations and includes the option to ‘explode’ the vehicle to review engine and brake configurations.  And for the kids, take the car for a spin around the living room as a holographic RC car.

Synergy Technical’s Blasteroids!

Mixed River worked with Microsoft partner Synergy Technical to develop a mixed reality experience that attracted conference attendees, provided a quick game to play and held their attention for a short infomercial about Synergy’s platform integration offerings. Built around Synergy’s Game Changer campaign, the Asteroids/Space Invaders inspired game mashed the classic games and expanded them into the 3D holographic realm. The result was lines throughout the 2 day event and hundreds of qualified leads.

Contact Us.

Maryland office

Address: 600 Washington Ave, STE 100, Towson MD, 21204
Phone: 240.793.4235
Email: info@mixedriver.com