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We bring data to life.
We make learning experiential.
We provide you a competitive edge.



Why Us

Innovative problem solvers.
Award-winning creative staff.
Deep technical understanding.
Passionate about building transformative experiences.

Connect, Inform, Engage, Transform

Looking to enhance understanding of complex data sets?
Tired of being limited by flat-screens?
Are you a visual learner with few visual tools to help?
Looking for a more effective way to train?
Let us show you how.  Contact us at info@MixedRiver.com


Mixed reality in the athletic world is a game changer. Mixed River has partnered with professional sports teams to help players gain a competitive advantage through a 3D interactive, mental training and self scouting platform. Professional and collegiate athletes learn by being immersed in game scenarios within a non-contact, real-world training environment that allows the mind and body to prepare for elite performance.  Contact us to discuss how we can help your athletes.


Mixed Reality in the medical world is life changing. Mixed River is driving the use of mixed reality systems to improve patient care in the areas of therapy, rehab, pre-surgical preparation, patient education, and provider education. Contact us to discuss how we can help.


Mixed Reality is changing how organizations educate and train. ​Mixed River is pioneering the use of mixed reality across EdTech industries.  Whether its presenting complex ideas to staff around the world, explaining difficult medical procedures in the operating theatre or training technicians on sophisticated machinery, the context-rich nature of holographic experiences can significantly increase retention and efficacy.  Contact us to start learning about the possibilities.

Bring Your Playbook To Life

The Future of game day preparation for professional and collegiate football organizations, Pre-Game Prep provides an engaging way for football teams to mentally prepare for upcoming opponents.